Friday, March 22, 2013

Eye Candy 4000 - photoshop filters - free download

Explain the properties of filter Eye Candy 4000 and links to download it

About the filter :
Filter is very beautiful and is considered the best in Photoshop, includes several filters each filter has a function, which can work wonderful backgrounds suitable for romantic designs and anime, and very impressive frames and text effects .. and much much more ...

Eye Candy 4000


1-  Antimatter :Is a good filter through which you can take the (Negative) of the original image and the shadowed or lighten in color

2- Bevel Boss : This particular sculpture filter or show the shape or text prominently and very beautiful, and has effects on the texts is very impressive

3-  Chrome : Filter creates reflections and natural metal and astonishingly realistic and also serve to influence the texts

4- Corona : The advantage of this filter to create solar flares, gas clouds
And control color and effects which can work background corrugated

5- Cutout : Is the filter through which you can control obscurely picture or make a gap in the middle or shading the appropriate color images .. And more ..
6- Fire: This filter creates the effect of fire or fire on the text or images are very realistic

7- Fur : Filter through which you can work something like hair or through design background is very impressive, and more

8- Glass : Filter is very beautiful and I consider the best in the  text  and wonderful tires

9- Motion Trail : This filter adds the impact of the movement to create the appearance of rapid movement

10- Shadowlab : This particular filter shadow effect or action (Shadow) beautifully and coordinator which is easy to use

11- Smoke : This filter can the impact of the work (smoke) on the design Bil and creative quickly and easily



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